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Business Charter Flights

The private jet experience is about getting from point A to point B fast, in comfort and with a minimum of fuss. It is the ultimate in traveling luxury. With a Citijet charter flight you don’t have to worry about what time your plane will arrive at your destination or how long it will take to get there. You can be sure that when you step on board your private jet charter and press “door close”, the only thing between you and your destination is sky.

A charter flight is a private flight for business, personal or group travel. Private Jet Charter flights are available to individuals and businesses alike. They are not scheduled flights and do not run on a timetable. Instead, they can be booked at any time of the year in order to accommodate your schedule or requirements.

The benefits of flying private include flexibility in departure times, arrive closer to your final destination, increased comfort and luxury, privacy and security, as well as avoiding long lines at airports or crowded planes. It also allows you to arrive at your destination refreshed with no hassle getting through customs or waiting for luggage!

When you’re on a business trip, time is money. And when you’re not in the air, there’s still plenty of work to do. Here are some ways to make the most of your time in flight:

  • Make the most of your layover. You’ll have plenty of time to yourself when you land and before resuming travel—so use it wisely! If this is a multi-leg flight and there’s a delay at any point during travel, take advantage of it by eating at an airport restaurant instead of waiting for lunch or dinner. This will give you extra energy and help keep you alert during the next leg.*
  • Use your free Wi-Fi connection wisely. It might be tempting  to spend hours checking social media and watching Netflix shows on your laptop while airborne—but resist! Instead, use your free Wi-Fi connection (if available) to catch up on email correspondence or communicate with clients and colleagues back home while flying over oceans or borders.*

Whether  you need to make the trip from Sydney to Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia, Citijet is the fastest and most comfortable way to get there. We have a fleet of private jets that are ready to go! With Citijet, you’ll be able to relax in comfort while our pilot takes care of all your flight details. Our staff will ensure that your trip goes smoothly and stress free so that you can focus on whatever business it was that brought you here.

It’s time to experience business travel like never before. Citijet Business Charter Flights is entirely Australian owned and has been providing private air charter for more than 2 years. Their fleet of aircraft includes business jet charter and propeller aircraft, all equipped with the latest technology and luxury amenities—perfect for any flight that requires extra space, comfort and cost effective. If you want to make your next trip easier on both your body and mind. Have you been considering a private jet hire for business and can’t quite decide if it’s right for you? Our friendly team enables you to select the right private aircraft to match your travel needs and budget go ahead and enquire now!

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